We are here to Listen (TO OUR CLIENTS)
We are here to Listen (TO OUR CLIENTS)

Our professional team believes in personal service from start to finish, staying attentive to your special needs, doubts, and decisions that will impact your future.

Hetzroni & Partners is among Israel’s leading Civil Litigation & Insolvency law offices. Over the years our office has represented countless private and commercial clients facing (uncontrollable) debt to financial institutions and other creditors.

We are known for our uncompromising personal service & support. Over the decades, we have forged close personal relations with all the relevant entities, including the Official Receiver office, and leading trustees and liquidators.

End to end legal services in Financial Insolvency

Hetzroni, Yerusalmi & Partners is widely recognized for its success rate in Insolvency cases, including but not limited to creditors settlements, employee representation during bankruptcy, permissions & requests to defense and more.

Comprehensive & Extensive Litigation services

Our boutique Law Firm offers clients the full spectrum of legal services including commercial claims, partnership disputes, real estate conflicts, statutory demand for bankruptcy, conflict among heirs and class action suits. Our mediation and arbitration services are widely known for their success. In addition, we represent numerous musicians, protecting their copyrights and intellectual property, ensuring they receive their fair share of royalties.

Nir Hetzroni, Attorney at Law

Mr. Hetzroni is a well-recognized lawyer in the field of Insolvency bringing two decades of hard-earned experience. Over the years he has represented thousands of indebted clients with tremendous success, initiative and creativity. Nir takes his clients personally, and believes each deserves a unique approach and solution.

An artist himself, Nir also represents leading musicians to make sure they receive the royalties they deserve.

Guy Yerusalmi, Attorney at Law

Mr. Yerusalmi specializes in Insolvency and Civil Litigation, including real estate, banking and class action suits. He holds a degree in Law and Economics from Tel Aviv University. Formerly, Guy worked at the Jerusalem District Attorney, and continuing his career in leading law offices focusing on civil and commercial litigation. Today, Mr. Yerusalmi channels his expertise to help insolvent clients reach settlements on their way to future prosperity.

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